Tuesday, January 15, 2013

stumbling thru a bad food week!

It's gotten really really cold here in PDX.

My budget is major strained!

I'm recovering from the flu.

So stressed at work due to the Big Event we hosted.

All excuses I'm sure for falling off my GAPS cleansing with

  • the purchase of a loaf of bread (I have to find a way to have sandwiches!), 
  • bought a couple scones this week (why? I ask myself, they really aren't all that good), 
  • ate freely from the Elephants Bakery left overs from the Big Event at the college on Sunday), 
  • and (finally) stopping one evening for Mexican food (it's been so so long since I did this that I was shocked at the amount of food they served - clearly enough for 2 meals, which I happily enjoyed.  One at the restaurant and one last night here at home).

Now...how do I jump back on the wagon? Hmmm....

  • No walking outside with icy sidewalks - yes it's that cold here in PDX. Time to visit the fitness center
  • No breakfast food in the house....so perhaps I can stop and get some yogurt and a banana (but I'll have to be very careful!).
  • Get this day all entered in my LoseIt program along with posting here some photos.
  • Oh and picking up some of my books to get some better language in my head to clear out the excuses.

Wish me luck!

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