Sunday, January 20, 2013

saturday morning inspiration

I love Saturday mornings! I get to sleep in and wake up after the sun has risen. The neighborhood is quiet.  And I spend my coffee-time reading my blog collection via Google Reader. This morning on the Etsy blog I found this delightful short film about making.  I love hearing and reading about how people work in their studios (in this case in a garage), how they organize it, and cherish the space and claim their time in the space - utilizing the space and time to create something beautiful.  These thoughts help me remember other reasons and methods of staying healthy - the beauty and energy that health provides us to do things that inspire others  - be it wonderful cooking, finally finishing a race or a difficult yoga position, or creating something as complex as a motorcycle or as simple as an embroidered tea towel.

Ahh...the relaxation of Saturday mornings!

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