Tuesday, January 03, 2012

a few good stretches

So my knee has been going out and so about a month ago I went to the Doc.   She referred me to a physical therapist after I had a couple of x-rays done that didn't show any bone damage (shewwww) and she suspected that I had torn my meniscus.  Just in time for the new year!

So now I'm doing a set of stretches- evidently there was simply a muscle imbalance (a nice way of saying that my sedentary life style had weaken all the muscles in my leg so that my knee was real susceptible to moving in ways it wasn't met to move).  The stretches are kind of like these - easy and relaxing so now I feel successful when I go to see the Doc since the knee is hardly going out at all anymore.

The thing is....these types of stretches will now be with me for the rest of my life!  Yep...a stronger body is what I'm aiming for, one that won't give out and get torn up.