Friday, January 25, 2013

returned item

Yesterday I broke down and bought some yogurt since haven't yet mastered making my own yogurt. So I arrived at the grocery store afterwork tired, hurried and distracted.  I wasn't in the mood to read the labels so i picked up this:

Natural, organic, plain yogurt...can't go wrong, right? Wrong!  When I went to serve some up for my evening treat (I love ending my day with a small bowl of plain yogurt topped with a handful of nuts and dried fruit) and took a taste of the yogurt - YUK!! It was full of some kind of filler.  I could taste only the filler.  I realized I wouldn't be eating it or even using it in my cooking since, low & behold, it contained corn starch.  Now why corn starch has to be added to yogurt is a mystery to me.  So back I went to the market! Yes, I actually returned it! And this time I read the ingredients and will be filling my yogurt maker before the weekend begins!

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