Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out Cold on the Floor of the Ring

Last week I beat a binge! Yes that's right I beat it down cold!

I could feel it bubbling up inside of me, calling to me: "get some chips" (I've been known to consume an entire bag of corn chips in one 30 minute drive home from work!) "stop to eat at any ol' mexican food place and eat, eat, eat (even the worst place would do - don't you know that's where the huge burritos are with all the cheese and corn chips a family could consume on one plate)" "open the rye crisp package, bring out the margarine and have at it girl (the substitute and precursor to the bag of chips)".   This went on for a couple of days! I was  feeling like  there was this boxing ring inside me and I was getting pounded.

Then I stopped.  I know I love Mexican Food and have to figure out how to enjoy it without going over the deep end! So here's what I did....

One evening I came home and fixed soft corn tortilla quesadillas with a nice salad. I almost took a pic but was too excited.  :-)

Then the next evening, before going to church, I stopped in at Santa Fe Tacqueria in NW PDX...enemy territory.  But I was determined to succeed!  So I ordered 2 soft tacos with chicken and black beans, no cheese.  And a very small basket of chips (like I said, my FAVORITE binge food!).  Well...I did pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  I left most of the corn tortillas, ate only half of the small serving of chips, and (most importantly) finished completely satisfied, beating the binge! It was out cold on the floor of the ring.

Give this girl a high five!

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  1. high five!!!

    I think that is the total solution, having what you crave, in moderation and control so you satisfy the cravings