Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grocery Store Delis

Okay, I confess...I like grocery store deli food.  Not the fried chicken and jojos - ick! - but rather the salads and the sandwiches, which often times provide me with a quick, low-cal, veggie packed meal on the run.

So it was no surprise this evening when  I only had a 1/2 hour to get something to eat before goin' over to church that I found myself stopping in at the Burnside Zupans, the home of one of the nicest grocery store delis here in PDX.  There I can always find a baked fish, lean meat balls, roasted chicken and/or a great salad.  So this evening I got the sweet curry couscous salad and also the cucumber/onion medley which I mixed together.  Light, very tasty (!) and filling.  This along with a Pete's coffee did just the trick as I rushed off to enjoy some awesome worship music and prayer.

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  1. You do love them deli's!! glad you have found more WW friendly choices :)