Monday, April 12, 2010

Trying something new

I have been packing my lunch quite regularly and it's always good to have fruit and veggies to snack on through out the day. Recently I was reading how important it is to have a variety of foods in our diet. Last summer I experimented with making refrigerated pickles, so I thought I would get another batch made. This time I wanted a recipe with a lot less sugar but the problem is the sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners.

So instead I made Ratatouille (yes, I did just watch the movie!).  I've never cooked eggplant with any success so it seemed a bit risky.  But what fun it was.  The smell of the basil made me feel the summer coming.  And while stirring the onions, garlic, tomato paste and chicken broth I was picturing myself cooking with Jamie Oliver!  I'll have a great dinner (a dish I can't remember ever having eaten before) and a couple of very tasty lunches in the next couple of days.

If you're feeling like you need to try something new, here's the recipe - :

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