Friday, April 16, 2010

Hunger or a "desire to eat"?

I've noticed sometimes when food pops into my mind I'm not really hungry!  But rather there is a desire to go to the food, look at it, maybe pace around the kitchen a bit, fix something to eat, bring it back to where I started, get settled, and then eat.  All the while not feeling any true phycial hunger know, the grumbling stomach, the tiny slight headache that tell you, "Gosh, it's time to eat now."  Sometimes this will happen an hour after I eat!

The reality is I'm not hungry!  Instead I'm restless or trying to avoid a task!  I have to watch for these times and label my search for what it really is - avoidance? boredom?  Then change what really needs to be changed instead of stuffing those feelings down with food.


  1. I peal my oranges at night, or start making my lunch at night for the next day if I am hungry at night, just the act of doing something with food makes not eating it easier... make sense??

  2. I hear you. A couple nights ago I came home and made a big pot of chili, ate some for dinner and then had my lunches for the week. It was relaxing.