Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Drinking Tap Water

It's my goal to drink tap water as often as possible and not buy any bottled water.  Why? Mainly because I think there is WAY too much plastic out there for us to use once and then throw away. Luckily here in Oregon there is a deposit on water bottles so in a pinch I will buy bottled water.  But most of the time I just drink tap water.

Before I started doing anything about my weight & my health I rarely drank water.  I would drink coffee instead - bad idea since I was already dehydrated as evidenced by the mild headaches I would get toward the end of the day.
Then I became aware of how I often would eat when really I was thirsty and  so once I started paying closer attending to this, of course I found myself drinking more water. I'm drinking about a gallon a the AM while my coffee is brewing I'll have a glass, drink about 24 oz on the way to work, then a couple qts at work through out the day, another 24 oz during the evening commute, and finally a couple glasses in the evening...all but the qts at work are tap water.

But when I'm traveling getting my water in is quite the task! Every time I come to Europe I notice that Europeans don't carry around water bottles like we do in the States. Beautiful Vänern Lake in central Sweden:

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