Thursday, August 20, 2015

Finally Connected

Yes! Yesterday I took the time to get my Garmin Vívosmart and MyFitnessPal connected and synced up so I can do some serious tracking now that I must accept "tracking" is part of my 60somethings lifestyle. The first thing I want to look at is the # of steps I do each day - getting as close to 10K as possible. Then next I am curious about my sleep.

I live in a beautiful (!!!) place and belong to a friendly, clean gym so exercise shouldn't be a problem. One of my no-exercise triggers is when I ask someone to join me but they say "no, I can't today" BooYa! I internalize that simple little comment and won't exercise. This has been a life time habit of mine - ask someone to join me in doing "X" but they say "No" so I too say "No" - gardening, crafting, walking, dancing, movies - whatever! So this little thought-demon is one I need to pray out of my head!

I have been reading up on sleep and the diet connection since I tend to overeat when I'm tired. Over at webMD I found an interesting article (More Sleep, Less Weight) that mentioned how Ghrelin, a hormone which tells us to eat, cranks up when we are sleep deprived and another, Leptin, the hormone that tells us to stop eating, plummets.  I thought this was pretty interesting and will be paying a bit more attention to how much I'm really sleeping to see if on days when I don't sleep if I eat more.

On to tracking the track.

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