Thursday, February 23, 2012

A pound is a pound is a pound

So I'm finishing up my first week as a gym member and since I'm a bit obsessed with the scale I've been wondering... is it true that muscle is heavier than fat? it's not.  But it is denser, which means that as I exercise I may see a bit of weight gain but more importantly my clothing ought to get loser, which is fine with me!

I know I have to be smart about big change but for now, I think I'm going to pass on the "personal trainer" gig. I want to get real comfy going to the gym and the people who go there and work there.  For example, today I noticed there are people of all ages there during rush hour...looked like some teens took one of the aerobics classes along with some post menopausal gals.  Actually at this club there is a wide age span of people who workout which I find very comforting.

And lastly - I made it to the gym 4 times this week!!!
Weigh in is on Monday or ought to be interesting.
Hasta la Pasta

inspiring words about muscle vs fat:

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