Thursday, June 06, 2013

My new Little Friends...

are so happy I fixed asparagus today for breakfast along with a 4 egg white sandwich (on Paleo Coconut Bread) and then again with 3 oz of shredded beef and a simple salad for dinner. Asparagus and strawberries tell my Little Friends that summer has arrived.

But alas...I'm not so happy about not losing any weight during my visit with my sister in LA. We worked out every day but the last day and I really watched what I ate. It's probably water retention from traveling via plane and all the time in a car (LA is so huge!) but still...

Oh well, life goes on.

Oh and  this is where my Little Friends came from - this fun store in the Topanga Plaza Mall (a old high school hang out of mine that has gone through so many transformations it's not even funny!). I loved the Lucky Kitties.  I spent 20 minutes looking at them, they made me all happy inside.

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