Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chili - WW style

So here I am on the last day of my vacation (boohoo!) and I thought I would share one of my sister's recipes that was so tasty plus filling and low in points (4pts per cup).  A great dish to take to a pot-luck.

Start off with a protein - boca crumbles or chicken tenders - and throw it into the crock pot (don't have one, get one!)
Step 2: one package of dried ranch dressing mix and one package of dried chili mix
Next: drain a can of black beans, white beans, chili beans, and hominy (rinse these if you want to decrease the salt content of your chili)
Next: add a can of ranch beans or another can of chili beans, undrained
Now add a couple cans of diced tomatoes and/or Mexican spiced canned tomatoes
Water, if needed

Plug it in, go have a great day....come home to a wonderful meal.  You will even have plenty for a couple of lunches.  Makes a great taco salad.

If you can have some extra points that day, add some sour cream or cheese. Or, as you can see from the photo, my sister added fresh green beans and a wedge of laughing cow light Swiss cheese.

PS: remember to rinse out and recycle all those cans!!

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